Easy peasy - Steps to your Canada Taxback

  • Fill out the taxback request form

    You fill out the SSL-secured form and provide basic information about your tax situation to determine your tax residency. No sensitive personal information is required yet.

  • Receive a free calculation of your taxback

    You will receive a free calculation within 48 hours. Now you will know how much taxback you will receive or if you owe taxes to the CRA. Then you can decide if you want to use the taxback service.

  • Further documentation needed

    If you decide to use the taxback service, you provide further documentation and identification. An SSL secured form makes sure you can submit the required documents securely. This data stays on the server and is only used to prepare the tax return. After the tax return has been sent to you, this form and all uploaded documents will be irrevocably deleted from the server.

  • Pay the invoice

    The most affordable taxback service on the Internet. The service fee per tax return is 5% of the calculated refund amount, a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $60.

  • Get your tax return and send it off

    After payment, you will receive a password-secured PDF with the tax return and instructions. You print, sign the tax return and send it to the CRA via post. Mailing address will be provided with the instructions.

  • Wait for your money

    Within the regular processing time of 2-4 months you personally will receive the taxback cheque from the CRA. You cash the cheque in your home country straight into your own bank account.

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